VirginGates is a technology company with a global orientation, having their main headquarters and the software development center based in Egypt. It is financed by a well-established group of investors from Egypt and the Middle East and operated by expert market leaders, which provides the company with all the means for success.


We are committed to become a market leader in the technology landscape, by building solutions that utilize the latest technological advancements, including machine learning, and by introducing disruptive next-gen products to the mass market.

A premium delivery service established with the sole purpose of transforming how goods are delivered to your doorsteps, by introducing the finest delivery experience.

  • A new partnership with SIRIN LABS

    A new partnership with SIRIN LABS We are excited to announce our partnership with SIRIN LABS and the acquisition of the exclusive rights to bring the FINNEY™ blockchain smartphone to the masses in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait.This...

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